Jackson Hole professionals want to help you look and feel like your best self.

“Self-care may seem indulgent, but it is critical for maintaining our physical, emotional, and mental health,” says Rochelle Ganoe, co-owner and lead therapist at Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole. “Actively pursuing the various tenets of self-care ensures we don’t let our hectic lifestyles get the better of us. Self-care also helps maintain a positive attitude, and it boosts your self-esteem and confidence.” Julie Guttormson, owner of Revolution Indoor Cycling agrees: “[Self-care] doesn’t have to be fluffy or indulgent, but just a few basic habits crucial to your functioning; habits that make you feel good, complete, and fuel your soul.” Julie, who worked in sales and marketing for Big Sky Resort while in her 20’s says she often reflects on an insight from the resort’s General Manager, Taylor Middleton,  “Life is like a three-legged stool. The legs represent work life, personal life, and your play life. If one leg is off, your stool won’t stand.” Julie says that image has always stuck with her, and while it’s not always easy, she tries to keep it a part of what she practices and teaches to clients.

Spending time in Jackson Hole is a big step towards self-care, but it’s just a start. Jackson Hole is fortunate as a community to be home to a multitude of practitioners who will help you take additional steps, once you’re here.

In 2018, the founder of Medicine Wheel Wellness, Francine Bartlett, published her first book, The Way of the Medicine Wheel: Integrating Modern Medicine & Ancient Wisdom to Reshape the Future of Healthcare, Healing, and Happiness. Bartlett is a licensed physical therapist and medical education director of Opedix Kinetic Health Gear. Her professional certifications include Z-Health, SportsMetrics, KinesioTaping, Reflexology, Yoga, Dry Needling, Reiki, Thai Massage, and Kettlebell Training. Bartlett founded Medicine Wheel Wellness to help “people find a path to optimal living through a balance of mental, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being,” she says. “Medicine Wheel was intentionally created to offer more efficient, holistic healing, whether from stress, injury, illness, or emotional upset.”  Located in downtown Jackson, Medicine Wheel Wellness’ services include chiropractic, massage, sound healing, AromaTouch, acupuncture, yoga, private and group strength and fitness classes, meditation, and far-infrared therapy. The latter involves resting on a BioMat, an FDA-approved modality that produces deep-penetrating far infrared rays and negative ions to relieve minor muscle pain, increase blood circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, support the immune system, and improve sleep.

(307) 699-7480; mwwjh.com; 120 West Pearl Avenue

Group Class at Medicine Wheel

Personalized Instruction at Medicine Wheel

Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole is unique in the valley, in that its practitioners conduct house calls, regularly. They offer a variety of massage styles, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reflexology, Reiki, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, cupping, Thai massage, acupuncture, Shiatsu, manual lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy. Massage not only reduces stress, but can enhance the quality of your sleep, give you more energy, help improve concentration and circulation, reduce fatigue, and decrease anxiety. It also can address specific health issues like low back pain, ease medication dependence, enhance the immune system, increase joint flexibility, lessen depression, and help you prepare for, and recover from, strenuous physical activities.

(307) 413-1961; massageprofessionalsJH.com; 970 West Broadway, Suite 204

Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole

“Movement is medicine and a powerful tool,” says Revolution founder Julie Guttormson. “Science shows exercise boosts your energy, improves your mood, controls weight, fights disease, and, my personal favorite, it can be fun and social. For those who carve out the time, they never regret it, even when they’re not in the mood. Sometimes the battle is just making it happen. Personally, exercise has always been at the foundation of my own self-care. My advice to anyone is to find forms of exercise they love and can even have fun doing. You are more likely to continue something that makes you smile (even if it’s not until afterwards).”

In addition to the benefits Guttormson mentions, scientific studies have shown that regular exercise reduces stress and the chances you’ll get cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Founded in 2012, Revolution offers a variety of classes, from several different cycling classes to ShockWave, Indo-Row, and yoga. (307) 413-0441; 870 South Highway 89; revolutionindoorcycling.com

Spin Class at Revolution Indoor Cycling

Burning Off Stress At Revolution Inddor Cycling

In 2015 Grace Mahoney founded Grace Spa, an oasis of peace and tranquility in an otherwise bustling downtown. Mahoney’s career in beauty began in her late teens, when she was modeling in New York. “Mostly runway shows and some print work for large and small companies such as Saks, Gucci, Visa, and Nordstrom,” Mahoney says. “I met lots of interesting people and was always interested in what everyone around me was doing with photography, makeup, and hair.” Mahoney attended cosmetology school while she was still modeling, and when she was ready to move-on from being in front of the camera, she segued right into doing hair for runway shows and photo shoots, where the clients and photographers already knew and respected her.

Today she’s one of the valley’s most accomplished estheticians and hair stylists. Grace Spa also offers a full menu of massage, manicures, and pedicures. “Facials are an important part of self care, especially in this dry climate,” she says. “The altitude increases the amount of sun damage:  For every 1,000 feet above sea level, the sun is 10 percent stronger. Like water, snow is reflective, which adds another element of intensity. Even though the temperatures in summer rarely reach the 90’s, the harsh, sub-freezing temperatures in winter zap skin of moisture.”

(307) 201-1888; 55 East Pearl Avenue; gracespajh.com

A Soothing Environment at Grace Spa

A Facial Treatment at Grace Spa

Indonesian and Thai inspired treatments are fused with Jackson Hole culture at this newly rebranded destination spa, located in Teton Mountain Lodge, at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. Also, unlike most other hotels in the area, SpaTerre allows non-guests to purchase day passes ($45). Most often, it’s parents who do this so kids can enjoy the spa’s indoor and outdoor pools. Other amenities in the 12,000 square foot, three-story spa include a tranquility lounge, eucalyptus infused steam rooms, three indoor and two outdoor hot tubs, and a fitness center.

(307) 732-6865; tetonlodge.com; 3385 Cody Lane, Teton Village

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa

Teton Mountain Lodge Rooftop Spa
Spa Terre