Jackson is a home to stories—many that have been shared repeatedly, and many that have never been told. Being a center for tourism, conservation, and natural splendor, this small Wyoming town nestled in the Rocky Mountains is rich with characters and activities, a proverbial land of opportunity that has made a habit of resetting and recharging with each variation of the temperature.

And yet, despite its endless attractions and fluctuating tourism seasons, the low rhythm of Jackson’s cultural heartbeat saturates the soil, continuously enriching its ever-evolving community.

With over 200 non-profit organizations in the valley, a number of them involved in the arts in one way, shape, or form, creativity surges through the town’s veins, nourishing and inspiring its citizens and visitors throughout the year.

The elusive source of that creative heartbeat exists within the souls of the people of Jackson Hole, but a large number of the town’s creative initiatives can be traced back to The Center for the Arts.

“Everyone here at The Center thinks a lot about the best ways to support and sustain creativity in Jackson”

Officially opening its doors in 2007, The Center is home to nineteen non-profit organizations occupying its 78,000-square-foot campus. It’s here where locals and visitors can partake in dance classes, art classes, theatre offerings, film festivals, music lessons, accredited college classes, radio DJ volunteering, and even catch an intimate concert by someone like Emmylou Harris, Brandi Carlile, or Boz Scaggs.

To have this level of offerings in a small mountain town is a boon for local artists and creative supporters, fueling a steady current of cultural opportunities for all ages.

The Wood Brothers break it down at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts
Rhythmic Circus brings their Unique Energy to the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts Stage
Acclaimed Vocalist and Songwriter Brandi Carlile Treats Center Audiences to an Intimate Concert

“The impact of Jackson’s creative community is an under-told story,” says Anne Bradley, Marketing Director for The Center. “We don’t talk about art in the same way we talk about nature and conservation. But artists are moving here for a reason. It’s a very inspiring place to live.”

Laughing children rush to their ceramics class. Piano music echoes from an unseen corridor. Rhythmic stomping sounds from the Zumba class overhead. The building literally hums with creative energy, and with every hour that passes, a new project or idea is born.

Creative Initiatives Coordinator Carrie Richer is making it her mission to ensure that energy continues. With a growing number of artistic collaborations on the horizon and plans to install a temporary performance pavilion on the lawn outside the building, she believes it is The Center’s responsibility to be a hub for creative encouragement.

“The Center is best when there are multiple things happening at the same time,” she says. “Often times you’ll be heading to one event, and in the process of getting there, you’re encountering two or three different art genres along the way. You don’t get that anywhere else in town.”

This artistic diversity is imperative to the survival of artistry in Jackson Hole, and the Center for the Arts and its residents are determined to make strides in offering consistent, innovative programming for the community. The work is far from over. Because The Center is a non-profit organization, it relies on support from local organizations and individuals to power its mission. The Clear Creek Group is proud to be one of those supporters. Through careful collaboration, TCCG has supported a number of special events as a sponsor and is passionate about sharing information and encouraging participation in Jackson’s incredible art community with our homeowners, guests and employees.

“Everyone here at The Center thinks a lot about the best ways to support and sustain creativity in Jackson,” Richer added “I mean, that’s the bottom line. That’s a big part of our mission, and I think that’s what our community expects of us.”