Janet Helm
Associate Broker

Janet is an Associate Broker who assists our brokerage team in completing real estate and long term rental transactions. She communicates with, and greets our vacation rental guests who may be interested in the local real estate market. Performing market research, writing contracts, and maintaining strong communication between our team and clients is priority. Her goal is to ensure all our clients and customers enjoy smooth transactions and great relationships with us.

A lifetime ago, Janet left a corporate management position in concrete skyscrapers for the granite skyscrapers of Jackson Hole. Over the past many years, she has been a real estate agent for various firms in the valley and dappled in retail and art gallery management on the side while volunteering in numerous nonprofits. Janet received her BS and MA degrees from the University of Wisconsin. She and her husband, Bill, raised their son and daughter and numerous Labrador Retrievers, on the skiing, hiking, and biking trails here, and have never tired of the mountain views and lifestyle.

Since the fall of 2011, Janet continues to share her passion for this special place with guests of The Clear Creek Group.

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